First Family


Under Rev. Alphonso Jackson Sr. visionary leadership, Second Baptist Church of Richmond Heights has blossomed into a multi-site phenomenon.  Consequently, SBC currently hosts weekly services for its nearly 3,200 members (and counting).  Along with his leadership, what is equally amazing is that Rev. Alphonso Jackson Sr. is a devout family man.  His wife, Lady Dewana Jackson describes him as a man of “Integrity”.  On March 31, 2014, Rev. Jackson and Lady Dewana Jackson will be celebrating their 30th year wedding anniversary.

Lady Dewana Jackson is very compassionate about helping people grow in what she considers to be the most important areas: spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. The Jacksons have worked fervently to create a very loving and supportive environment for the SBC family. They believe strongly that their family should always be an example for the SBC Family and as their light shines others may come to know God in a real and personal way.

Rev. Alphonso Jackson Sr. and Lady Dewana Jackson are the proud parents of two children: Alphonso Jackson Jr. and Brianna Jackson.  Alphonso Jr. is described as being very charismatic, a blessing to his father, and supportive to the ministry. He was called in 2014 to pastor the Greater New Macedonia Baptist Church in Miami, FL and is happily married to the former Jamila Rauf. Brianna is described as being strong-minded, compassionate, and a young lover of the Lord.

The First Family supports the vision for Second Baptist Church of Richmond Heights through their obedience, sacrifice, resources, talent, and time. Their support extends beyond the four corners of the church. It has a community impact.

The First Family is blessed to be a family who loves one another and is genuine in their approach to serve God and the SBC family. They know that God’s greatest resource at SBC is his people.  They take their God appointed assignment seriously and embrace the SBC Family with love, compassion, and encouragement. It is their goal to get God’s people focused more on the things of the Kingdom rather than the things of the world.