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Welcome to Second Baptist Church and this is our church history. The church in the heart of the community with the community at heart, has grown from a group of (13) devoted Christians meeting in a private home to a congregation of  over 2500 members in a million dollar edifice. History records the faith and works of the Second Baptist Pioneers who made this all happen May 17th, 1964.

It has been said that any institution that lives more than a generation is, but the length and shadow of the individual in whose mind it was born. If this is true, then the Second Baptist congregation is but the shadow of its Founder, Reverend John  A. Ferguson. With the Word of God in his mouth and a verse from the hymn "The Church Is One Foundation,  a church was born. Second Baptist Church was officially organized and chartered by the state of Florida, May 17th, 1964.

The organizational structure included four selected Deacons: I.D. Benbow, Sherman Clark, Alphonso Thomas, and Amos Larkins Sr. Additionally, four Trustees were selected: Andrew Green, Donald Hollis, Burk Jones, and James Marshall. Four Deaconess were selected. Adeline Sanders, Myrtle Benbow, Dinah Larkins, and Drucilla Thomas. Other groups organized in 1964 were: The Usher Board, Senior Choir, and Pastor's Aide. 

On Sunday, October 1, 2000, the respected Rev. John A. Ferguson, Founder and First Pastor of Second Baptist Church of Richmond Heights, passed the proverbial baton on

to Pastor Alphonso Jackson Sr.  Pastor Jackson came highly recommended by God and Rev. Ferguson. To date, God has used Pastor Jackson to expand SBC from one location to two. He's fulfilled the vision that his predecessor had to build a Senior Living Facility and is currently working towards building a multi-purpose center that will be a tremendous impact in the South Dade community. 

The continued mission of  Second Baptist Church is to: Equip The Saint.

Evangelize the Sinner. Elevate the Savior.

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Rev. John A. Ferguson & Lady Anita Ferguson


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